Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts

Craft projects are a wonderful outlet for budding artists. In addition to the fun you will have with your little one creating something unique and special, crafts give your child an opportunity to express themselves in a different way. Completing craft projects helps boost your child’s self esteem. Finally, craft projects are a great way to practice fine motor skills and develop bilateral coordination when using both hands together. Following is a list of fun and easy holiday craft projects for kids using common items you already have laying around the house, and won’t require a huge outlay of money.

1. Bunny Bags

You can create darling bunny bags using regular brown paper lunch bags. Paint or draw a bunny face, using pipe cleaners for whiskers and a cotton ball for a nose. Cut bunny ears out of brown and pink construction paper to glue on the top, and little bunny paws to glue on the bottom. You can put some fake grass in the bag and use it for your Easter basket.

2. Paint Chip Bunnies

While you may not have paint chip cards lying around the house, they are free at any store offering paint supplies. Cut the paint chip cards into striped bunny shapes with black eyes and nose. Glue these paint chip bunnies to a length of yarn for a fun garland to hang on the wall.

3. Paper Plate Chicks

This is a fun and easy craft using yellow paper plates. If you do not have yellow paper plates, color them yellow as part of the project. Glue two google eyes on the plate. Cut a diamond out of orange paper, fold it in half to form a triangle, and glue it below the eyes for the beak. Cut two long strips out of orange, accordion fold them for legs, and attach to the bottom of the plate. Cut two little chick feet and glue to the bottom of the legs. You can trace little hands on yellow paper and cut them out, attaching to the sides of the plate for wings. Glue yellow feathers to the plate for texture.

4. Mosaic Easter Eggs

Easter CraftsYou can use material left over from your last sewing project, or use old clothes ready to go into the garbage. Cut the material into small irregular shapes. Cut a large egg shape out of study posterboard. Glue the material pieces on both sides of the egg to cover the entire surface. Punch a hole in the top to thread a ribbon or piece of yarn and you can hang your mosaic eggs in the window or on the wall.

5. Easy Easter Wreaths

Wreaths are as varied and easy as it gets for a craft project. Start with a sturdy donut shape cut out of cardboard or posterboard. You can glue any number of items on it, such as buttons, tissue paper, colored cotton balls, or plastic eggs. You can make a candy wreath by gluing any number of candies such as jelly beans, wrapped chocolate eggs, or rabbit peeps. 

6. Popsicle Stick Baby Chick

Using 3 popsicle sticks, glue them in a triangle shape on sturdy posterboard. Cut a yellow circle for the head and glue to the top of your triangle. Cut two legs and feet out of orange paper and glue to the bottom of your triangle. Cut two yellow hand shapes and glue to each side for wings. Color, paint, or decorate your baby chick, giving it a face with google eyes and a triangle orange beak. 

7. Popsicle Puppets

Turn each popsicle stick into a different puppet and your kids can put on a show of their own. Paint the popsicle stick either white or yellow and glue a round circle for the head on the top. Use google eyes and draw on the rest of the face. Wrap either yellow or white pipe cleaners around the sticks for wings or bunny paws. 

8. Paint Eggs

You can also paint eggs as a traditional craft during Easter. It’s a simple but fun craft to do with your children and your children can use their own creativity to decorate the eggs.

Craft projects are a fun way to celebrate this special season with your children. You can spend quality time together and have fun crafts to remember it by.


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