Our Staff

KFA Administration

At Kids First Academy, our priority is your children’s safety and well being.  This philosophy is embodied every day with the Administrative staff.  Our Director and Assistant Director are experienced in all facets of childcare and have dedicated their careers to the service of children and their families.  Our door is always open, as we consider the Kids First families to be extensions of our own.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@kids1stacademy.com or 513-752-2811.

Infant Teachers

At KFA, we pride ourselves on providing nurturing, attentive care to each and every infant.  Our center utilizes the RIE (Resources for Infant Educators) philosophy.  With RIE, even the youngest babies are cared for respectfully and are provided opportunities to interact with their surroundings and each other, in a controlled, loving environment.  RIE caregivers communicate to the babies, describing each activity, making eye contact and waiting for a response.  The goal is to nurture confident, secure, resourceful, inner-directed individuals.

Toddler Teachers

Our toddler teachers understand the unique requirements of children aged 12-36 months.  As toddlers grow, they become more mobile, verbal and independent, yet they also crave the security of familiar caregivers.  Our teachers quickly form that loving bond, while providing enriching activities that are aligned with Ohio’s Infant and Toddler development guidelines.  Our daily lesson plan includes circle time, art projects, small and large motor skills, literacy and lots of physical activity.  We understand that your child is growing quickly in his or her toddler years, which is why our teachers not only complete daily activity sheet for each child, but also talk with you about the developments of the day.  You, too, will form a bond with our amazing toddler team!

Preschool Teachers

You will see our teachers sporting a t-shirt with the humorous line:  Of course I’m awesome. . .I’m a Kids First Academy teacher!  And our preschool teachers are AWESOME!  The State of Ohio Early Learning Standards stress the importance of providing enriching activities for preschool children with ample time for creative free play.  As children prepare for school, their early learning  introduces the structure of a classroom, with a circle time that focuses on numbers, colors, shapes, weather, calendar and sight words.  The classroom is populated by math, science and dramatic play centers to provide opportunities for preschool children to learn and explore.  Our preschool teachers are dedicated to providing an educationally enriching experience for your child, while also lovingly prepare them for their academic careers.  Our team includes the breadth of experience, training and education that combine to provide your child with a solid foundation in education.  We invite you to come visit and see this impressive team in action!

School Age Teachers

Our school age teachers work hard every day to provide fun, engaging activities in a caring, supportive environment.  This unique class contains children ranging in age from 5-12 years old.  School aged kids are more self-sufficient, yet are still growing and changing into young adults.  They have emotional needs that are met by forming a bond with their teacher, before school, after school, and during our school break camps.  Your child will form friendships while getting the structure and emotional support that he or she uniquely needs during the early school age years.  Our school age teachers take the time to get to know each and every child, forming that emotional bond.  We are extremely proud of our school age program.  You have to see it in action!